American Atheists flew off the handle in April when Bill Donohue slammed them for promoting the fiction of “Christian nationalism.”

What set them off was Donohue’s criticism of a report that American Atheists released claiming “Christian nationalists” were a threat to the nation. Donohue noted that although this label is mentioned 12 times in the report, never once is it defined. It’s just bandied about, the way it always is.

“Christian nationalists,” according to the report, are those who believe in such things as religious exemptions, pro-life legislation, school vouchers, homeschooling, and our national motto, “In God We Trust.” Donohue said this was “fairly common stuff.” “In other words,” he continued, “American Atheists thinks that a very large swath of the American public qualify as ‘Christian nationalists.'”

Donohue concluded by saying, “We don’t have to worry about ‘Christian nationalists’—we have to worry about those who are promoting this fiction as a weapon to assault our Judeo-Christian heritage.”

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