melady1Bill Donohue comments on the death of U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, Thomas Patrick Melady; he passed away yesterday:

Tom was a bright, courageous and committed Catholic who will be missed by all those who love the Catholic Church. For two decades, Tom served on the board of advisors of the Catholic League, and never failed to share his advice, and thoughts, on many issues.

My most recent correspondence with him, which was in November, dealt with the way Pope Francis was being misinterpreted by pundits on all sides. He also expressed his thanks for the Catholic League’s defense of bishops who are being unfairly treated by the media; he noted, with regret, his disappointment with the absence of response coming from other lay Catholic organizations. In October, he pledged his involvement in a case regarding anti-Catholic remarks by a Florida professor.

Tom was an outstanding diplomat who served his country, and his church, well. But he was also a fighter, one who stood up for his beliefs. God bless him, and his wonderful family.

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