Bill Donohue comments on the way Amazon and Walmart are handling offensive Halloween costumes this year:

Amazon and Walmart have one standard for transgender persons and one for Catholics: they will not tolerate the slightest insults to the former, but they have no problem offending the latter.

Recently, Amazon, Target, and Walmart pulled a “Tranny Granny” Halloween costume, saying it was offensive. It is not certain how many cross-dressers complained, but at least one activist said that it was “humiliating, dehumanizing, and degrading.” Walmart was particularly contrite, telling LGBTQNation that “it clearly violates our policy.”

We have no problem with Target: it does not carry costumes that clearly insult Catholics. But Amazon and Walmart do.

Amazon is carrying an outfit called, “Keep Up the Faith Priest Men’s Costume.” The priest is wearing a black cassock that features him sporting an erection; the nun, dressed in full habit, is depicted as pregnant. It is also selling, “Foreplay Women’s Sinful Sister Catsuit and Headpiece,” a black scantily-clad costume with black stockings.

Walmart has a “Pregnant Nun Costume” that lives up to its name. “Heavenly Hottie Costume Foreplay” is also available in black: the nun outfit is a one-piece body suit that features white high boots; it is adorned with a large cross in the chest area.

There are no excuses for what Amazon is doing, but Walmart is worse. It likes to tout itself as a “Christian-friendly” store, yet when it comes to Catholics, it drops its guard.

It is not a good cultural sign when corporate elites are more sensitive to cross-dressers than they are to Catholics.

Contact Doug McMillon, president and CEO, Walmart:

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