The nun that is featured in the new movie, “All About My Mother,” is pregnant. She’s also HIV-positive. It opens Friday in select theaters.

“All About My Mother” was described by one reviewer as “a loose homage to ‘All About Eve’ populated by an outrageous (as usual) assortment of drag queens, transvestite hookers and pregnant nuns.” The Sunday Times of London said that the Pedro Almodovar film was “a blend of his favourite elements—delirium, drugs, sexual deviation, arresting visuals and, most of all, the solidarity and sacrifices of women.” Almodovar won the Director prize this year at Cannes.

Catholic League president William Donohue commented on this subject today:

“Almodovar is known as the ‘Spanish king of kitsch’ and ‘the punk prince of sex comedy.’ For twenty years he has been bashing Catholicism, previously giving us such gems as ‘Dark Habits,’ a movie about drug-addicted nuns who wrestle tigers. His contributions to the cinema also include ‘a film about men and their genitalia’ (those are his words), explicit rape scenes, sadomasochism, and shots of women urinating on each other. Almodovar is a devout homosexual.

“The Village Voice did not exaggerate when it said of Almodovar that he is ‘the only Spanish director who can make a bigger joke of Catholicism than Luis Buñuel, it is generally conceded, made some of the most viciously anti-Catholic movies in history.

“Those who like Catholic-bashing movies can now pick this weekend to see either ‘All About My Mother’ or ‘Dogma.’ Those interested in bigoted films that attack other religions will, as usual, be disappointed. But things may change: once a culture gets used to kicking one religion, history shows it isn’t long before others get kicked, too.”

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