Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the January 29 edition of the TNT show, “The Alienist”:

On last night’s edition of “The Alienist,” there was an exchange between a priest and a doctor—the latter is the wizard, of course—that was priceless. The scene is set in the 1890s in New York City. After some horny young gal was caught masturbating, the good Father takes her to Dr. Wizard.

Stop right there: Is this what priests did in the late nineteenth century—escort self-pleasuring adolescents to the neighborhood physician? Yes, according to the #MeToo Hollywood script writers, this is exactly what happened.

The priest, being a stereotypical dunce, suggests that his masturbating friend undergo an “ice bath.” But that doesn’t always work. Worms, we learn, are needed to make a difference. This explains why Fr. Dunce recommends that leeches be thrown in. Dr. Wizard disagrees, telling Fr. Dunce that “there’s not a thing your mother nor any priest can do about it [the masturbating].”

What would Louis C.K. do? Best not to answer.

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