When the news broke that Senator Al Franken molested a woman when she was asleep, we immediately called for his resignation. There is no place in public office for sexual abusers.

We pointed out that if Franken were an accused priest, he would be forced to step aside, pending an investigation. In his case, because he is an admitted molester, he should resign.

The priest reference is particularly poignant given that Franken has a history of mocking priests, and indeed the entire Catholic Church, for sexual offenses.

In 2008, we noted that Franken mocked the Eucharist, ridiculed the crucifixion, slandered all priests as molesters, belittled practicing Catholics, and disparaged Church teachings on life. Four years earlier, he trashed the Eucharist and attacked priests.

For Franken to now be caught up in a sex scandal of his own is hardly surprising given the morally debased circles he used to run in: he was a Hollywood fixture before entering political life.

If he does not step aside, the Senate is obligated to invoke all of its powers to see that he does.

The Republicans have their own problems with serious accusations of sexual misconduct being made about senatorial candidate Roy Moore. The explanations he offered are unconvincing. He is another disgrace.

How ironic it is to observe that after years of Hollywood bashing the Church over a few miscreant priests, the stories of abuse and perversion in their own ranks are now surfacing non-stop.

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