The whole world knows that Christians have been targeted for genocide by radical Muslims, yet we still don’t have a congressional resolution, supported by our president, affirming this reality.

A week before Christmas a group of congressmen, from both parties, along with noted scholars and activists, assembled in Washington D.C. to press for a resolution. Specifically, they called on President Obama and Congress to unequivocally call for a public declaration condemning ISIS for waging genocide against Christians.

The best President Obama has done is to acknowledge that Christians are among the victims of genocide. Worse, according to Rep. Chris Smith, reports have surfaced indicating that the White House is considering a statement condemning genocide that would exclude Christians. If we can’t get our own country on board, chances are the U.N. will do nothing.

George Mason University professor Gregory Stanton detailed how the ISIS war on Christians and Yazidis fits the U.N. definition of genocide. Nina Shea of the Hudson Institute explained how a rigged levy on Christians, the jizya tax, is nothing but a pretext for murder. Both Stanton and Shea pointed out that because Christians can’t afford to pay the tax, and they manifestly refuse to convert, they are beheaded.

We need all the presidential candidates to speak to this issue. If they don’t have the courage to call for a formal declaration condemning ISIS for its genocidal campaign against Christians, they are not suited for the job.

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