Bill Donohue comments on the ACLU suing the federal government:

Having lost repeatedly in the courts in their efforts to sue Catholic hospitals directly, the ACLU has now turned its legal guns on the U.S. government.

The issue is the same as it has always been: Catholic hospitals, which provide “excellent care” according to ACLU ally MergerWatch, insist on extending that excellent care to unborn children—rather than aborting them, as the ACLU demands. The courts have consistently upheld the right of Catholic hospitals to abide by the Church’s moral and ethical guidelines, which, of course, prohibit abortion.

So now the ACLU resorts to seeking out horrifying tales of Catholic hospitals endangering women’s health by denying them “proper emergency care”—meaning, of course, abortions. Back in 2014, they filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for federal government records documenting such alleged “complaints” against Catholic hospitals. None were forthcoming. And so the ACLU is now suing the feds under FOIA.

Their obsession with Catholic hospitals, as they make clear again today on their website, is driven by the fact that “the number of Catholic hospitals continues to climb.” Most people would see that as a good thing—extending the excellent care provided by Catholic hospitals to more people and more communities. But to the ACLU it is a problem, and that is because Catholic healthcare is based on respect for every human life.

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