It should surprise no one that the ACLU sees red every time it hears the word Jesus. But now it’s going bonkers even at the thought that someone might know that it was Jesus who said, “With God, all things are possible.” That’s why the Ohio affiliate of the Union filed suit in U.S. District Court: it is trying to stop the state from inscribing these “objectionable” words in granite in front of the Statehouse.

The ACLU reasons that the motto paraphrases a quote from Jesus found in the Gospels of Matthew and Mark and that’s enough reason to file suit. “The state is not supposed to pick a favorite religion,” explains ACLU Ohio director Christine Link. We’d love it if the court simply said, “Get a grip, Link, and stop trying to scrub society clean of its Judeo-Christian heritage.” But that would effectively put the ACLU out of business. With God, however, all things are possible.

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