Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on a biased TV ad:

Many states have suspended the statute of limitations for sexual abuse crimes against minors, and some lawyers have seized the opportunity to single out the Catholic Church. It would be like fighting crime and focusing exclusively on African Americans. Both campaigns smack of bigotry.

One of the most egregiously biased TV ads on this subject is being promoted by California attorney Andrew Van Arsdale. It has been running on Fox News, among other places.

Here it is. “For decades, survivors of childhood sexual abuse were told it was too late for them to seek justice. No more. Statute of limitations prohibited organizations such as Catholic and Mormon churches, public and private schools, Boy Scouts and other youth organizations from being held accountable. No more.”

Why Catholic and Mormon churches? Why not Protestant churches and Christian schools? Why not Jewish synagogues and yeshivas? Is it because Catholic and Mormon institutions are known for their traditional values?

Why is there no interest in pursuing the one venue where most of the abuse takes place, namely, the family? Live-in boyfriends are particularly notorious. But there is no money to be made prosecuting single mothers, so these men get off scot-free. The decision to single out the Catholic Church is driven by bigotry, not the pursuit of justice.

Religious profiling is just as invidious as racial profiling, though they are treated differently by elites. This shows how utterly insincere their objections to profiling are. What matters is who is being profiled, not the practice itself.

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