Gianna Jessen and Jill Stanek of have released a video that features an appeal by Jessen to Sen. Barack Obama asking him to support health care for infants who have been born alive following a botched abortion. Jessen is a 31 year-old who survived a saline abortion; Stanek is the nurse who blew the whistle on infants being allowed to die in a utility room following induced-labor abortions (she was fired from Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois for doing so).

When Obama was in the Illinois State Senate, he blocked all legislation designed to provide health care for infants who survived an abortion. The language of the Illinois bill, in its final version, was identical to the language of the federal bill that was passed unanimously and signed into law by President Bush. Though that bill made it clear that nothing in the legislation could be construed to overturn Roe v. Wade, it still wasn’t enough to satisfy Obama.

To see this 30-second video, click here.

On May 15, Catholic League president Bill Donohue appeared on “Fox and Friends” saying there had been a media cover-up of this issue. He now sounds off about this classic video:

“Abortion is not just another issue for Catholics. As Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput has said, it is a ‘foundational issue.’ Amazingly, the issue that this video addresses is beyond abortion—it is infanticide. Why Obama, who advocates universal heath care, would exclude babies who survive an abortion from his plan is mind-boggling. Guess the politics of inclusion draws a line when it comes to these kids.

“Moreover, if anyone wants to continue to deny that abortion involves human life, let him take a good look at Gianna Jessen: She is living proof that the entire pro-abortion agenda is based on a lie. Perversely, those who support ‘choice’ are the very ones who continue to deny the Jessens of this world that very right. And there are millions of such Jessens.”

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