Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the pro-abortion community:
The abortion industry is cracking up. Scared to death over the public backlash at Planned Parenthood, and a host of proposed bills at the state and federal level assuring civil rights for the unborn, the pro-abortion community is in a tizzy. Consider their incendiary language.
Pro-abort enthusiast Amanda Marcotte says pro-lifers want to force women back to the “sadistic punishments” of the pre-Roe days when they were somehow forced to mutilate their own babies. The Feminist Majority accuses pro-lifers of “domestic terrorism,” and a writer for says “state-endorsed terrorism” is at work. The National Organization for Women outdoes everyone by engaging in rank anti-Catholic invective: it says it would be a “dream-come-true” for the bishops if women were to lose access to pap smears and testing for sexually transmitted diseases.
A pro-life billboard was recently taken down in New York City after pro-abortion government officials objected. The same censors in the New York City Council are now taking up a measure to punish crisis pregnancy centers for offering alternatives to abortion; deceptive advertising is the charge. I wrote to one of the censors, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, asking her to consider legislation that would “require Planned Parenthood to advertise that they are primarily an abortion provider, and not an adoption-referral organization,” pointing out that it performed 324,008 abortions in 2008 as opposed to only 2,405 adoption referrals. I have not heard back.
Meanwhile, the New York Times has an editorial today condemning the crisis pregnancy centers, arguing that women considering an abortion are entitled to make “well-informed decisions about reproductive health.” Then why does it use the term “burdensome” to call requirements that women considering an abortion first see a sonogram of their baby? Wouldn’t that help her make a “well-informed decision”? Looks like the crack-up is profound.
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