ABC has announced that it is not ordering any more episodes of its new comedy series, “You Wish” (it will allow the show to finish its initial run of 13 episodes).  At the same time, it has just ordered three more scripts for “Nothing Sacred. “

Here’s how the two shows compare in terms of ratings (1 point is 980,000 homes) and shares (percentage of TV sets in use) for the five weeks that they have been on together:

                                                 “You Wish”       “Nothing Sacred”

Week of 9/22 -9/28            8.7/16                         4.4/7

Week of 9/29- 10/5            6.9/ 13                         5.1/8

Week of 1 0/ 6- 10/12        7.0/13                          4.7/8

Week of 1 011 3-1 0/19      6.8/12                         4.4/7

Week of 1 0/2 0-1 0/2 6     6.2/11                          5.1/8


William Donohue commented on this development as follows:

“The evidence continues to mount that ABC has an agenda with ‘Nothing Sacred.’  The reason that the show has always been treated differently by ABC is due to its birth: its womb is political.  In other words, propaganda dressed as entertainment has been the essence of ‘Nothing Sacred’ de novo.

“Over the five weeks that ‘You Wish’ and ‘Nothing Sacred’ were on, ‘You Wish’ consistently beat ‘Nothing Sacred,’ and it did so handily.  Indeed, on average, ‘You Wish’ placed 63rd in the rankings while ‘Nothing Sacred’ was 85th.  The proof is in the numbers and what they tell us is this: there are two standards at the network-one for ‘Nothing Sacred’ and one for every other show.”

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