ABC has announced that “Cracker,” the show that has followed “Nothing Sacred” all season, is being canceled; production has stopped on the show. “Nothing Sacred,” which has had ratings almost as bad as “Cracker,” has survived, though it will not be shown in February.

William Donohue took the news this way:

“The Catholic League didn’t need any more proof that politics has driven, and continues to drive, everything connected with ‘Nothing Sacred.’ But this latest admission makes it even more impossible for anyone to claim otherwise.

“Ever since ABC moved the two shows from Thursday night to Saturday night, they have fallen even further in the ratings. That, of course, has had no effect on ‘Nothing Sacred’s’ life expectancy: the corporate elite at Disney/ABC refuse to turn off the respirator (someone should tell them the patient has died).

“News reports indicate that James Sadwith, the producer of ‘Cracker,’ is begging ABC executives to keep the show on the air. He just doesn’t get it: the only reason ‘Cracker’ is being axed and ‘Nothing Sacred’ isn’t is because he elected not to stick it to Catholics. Had he done so, he would have drawn the ire of the Catholic League, pushed Disney/ABC into their defensive mode and kept his job. He didn’t and so he loses.

“When people watch a comedy, they laugh. When they watch a love story, they cry. When they watch ‘Nothing Sacred,’ they do both: those who can’t believe what they’re watching laugh while those who believe what they’re watching cry. The believers weep because they must: they know in their heart of hearts that the Catholic Church will never become what they want it to be, and that is why this show at least gives them the fix they need to get through the day.”

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