ABC has finally decided to cancel “Nothing Sacred.” Though the network says that it is possible some episodes may appear this summer, several media sources have indicated that it is highly unlikely. The writers for the show have all been released.

Catholic League president William Donohue commented on this today:

“It is no secret that ABC stood by this failed show longer than any other program. Never before has such a loser of a show been given more hype and more preferential treatment than ‘Nothing Sacred.’ Had there not been a political agenda at work, the marketplace would have spelled the fate of ‘Nothing’ long ago.

“It is certain that had the show been a smashing success, everyone associated with it would have laughed at the Catholic League for giving it free publicity. But the last laugh was on them. It is our victory and we are proud of it. The fact that we drove away 37 sponsors is testimony to our success.

“Obviously, the show also failed because it was—contrary to what all the TV experts said—a lousy show. Only a masochist would love to watch a depressing show about a dissident priest in a dysfunctional parish. The good news is that the supply of masochists is dreadfully small.

“While the Catholic League never said that it spoke for all Catholics, it is beyond dispute that the league is a better barometer of Catholic public opinion than the groups that opposed us. Both the league and its adversaries tried to rally the troops, persuade viewers and influence sponsors. And they lost. The fact of the matter is that from the very beginning there never was anything sacred about this show. Though some may not want to believe it, therein lies the real reason why it bombed.”

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