The Catholic League announced today that it is asking every ABC affiliate to preempt “Nothing Sacred” this fall with another show.

Commenting on this decision is league president William Donohue:

“It is our hope that at least some ABC affiliates will act responsibly and preempt “Nothing Sacred” with some other show. Not to do so would be to sanction what is obviously a highly politicized and patently unfair portrayal of Catholic priests.

“It is a telling commentary that the executive producers, David Manson and Richard Kramer, are non-Catholics who don’t believe in God. It is also revealing that the actor who plays the lead priest, Kevin Anderson, is proud of his lapsed Catholic status and boasts of not going to church for 18 years, he also doesn’t believe in God. Yet when it comes to doing shows about other segments of society, these same Hollywood phonies are ever so sensitive to make certain that only a genuinely politically-correct picture is offered.

“All this talk by the producers that they are trying to “humanize” priests in “Nothing Sacred” is insulting: do they think that most Catholics look at their parish priests as though they were made of wood? No, the goal here is to market the only kind of priest that the Disney crowd can stomach, namely a priest who is as far from resembling the Holy Father as they are from resembling decency.

“We are presently considering a range of options for dealing with this assault on Catholicism. In the meantime, it is our hope that the affiliates will exercise their autonomy by sending a message to Michael Eisner.”

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