David G. Dalin is a rabbi and historian with impeccable credentials. He recently reviewed several books on Pope Pius XII, both pro and con, for The Weekly Standard. His review essay has attracted a lot of attention, and rightly so: Dalin’s analysis of the controversial role Pius XII played during the Holocaust is itself a worthy contribution to the subject.

“A true account of Pius XII would arrive,” Dalin says, “at exactly the opposite to [John] Cornwell’s conclusion: Pius XII was not Hitler’s pope, but the closest Jews had come to having a papal supporter—and at the moment when it mattered most.” Indeed, in a statement made after his article appeared, Dalin proposed that Pope Pius XII be proclaimed “Righteous Among the Nations,” the highest award that Israel confers on those who assisted Jews during World War II.

We urge Catholic League members to obtain a copy of this important article and distribute it far and wide. They can do so by sending a check for $3.95 (includes shipping and handling) to Attn: Back Issues, Weekly Standard, 1150 17th Street, NW, Suite 505, Washington, D.C. 20036. The article, “Pope Pius XII and the Jews,” appeared in the February 26 edition of the magazine.

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