The new movie, “Lost Souls,” has gotten more rotten reviews than any film in recent history.  That’s good news given that the flick is such a rip-off of things Catholic: its treatment of exorcisms is particularly bad.

“Lost Souls” stars Winona Ryder.  She plays a Catholic woman who sets out to destroy the Antichrist.  Her less than convincing performance may have something to do with her antipathy toward Catholicism.

Her atheist father and her Buddhist mother raised Ryder on a commune in Northern California.  Whether this accounts for her malady, it is not known.  But no matter, there is no uncertainty regarding her bigotry.  “I think it’s incredibly abusive,” the 28-year old actress said, “to tell children that there’s a devil and that if you do something wrong, you’re going to burn in hell.  That’s a horrible thing to tell a child, and that’s my main problem with Catholicism.”

Winona was also quoted as saying, “I don’t believe in the devil; I believe in mental illness.”  Talk about a lost soul.

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