The John Waters movie, “A Dirty Shame,” opened today in select theaters.  It features a band of Catholic sex addicts out to conquer the world.  William Donohue, president of the Catholic League, opined as follows:

“John Waters is one of America’s leading adult-adolescents.  His fixation on the scatological is so pathological that even his depraved fans have been known to wince.  Or vomit.

“His latest foray is ‘A Dirty Shame,’ a film that features Catholics who imitate the antics of Waters himself.  For example, there is Ray-Ray, a so-called ‘sex saint’ who affirms that ‘sex addicts are the Chosen Ones.’  Ray-Ray is portrayed as a ‘Christ-like figure’ who inspires his fetishistic followers by promising a ‘Resursexion.’  One of his minions is Sylvia, Ray-Ray’s twelfth disciple; she plans on discovering ‘a whole new way to orgasm.’  To make matters even more interesting, as Ray-Ray’s popularity grows, so do his ‘sexual miracles.’

“So who is this guy John Waters?  He’s a homosexual who was raised Catholic and then allowed his self-hatred to morph into a perpetual rage against the Catholic Church.  The woods are full of them these days.

“In 1966, Waters made the movie ‘Roman Candles,’ a film in which ‘a raccoon-eyed nun lusts after a priest.’  The following year he made ‘Eat Your Makeup,’ a flick in which ‘a nymph in a miniskirt says the rosary.’  In 1970 he offered ‘Multiple Maniacs,’ another Catholic-bashing beauty.  Waters also made a cameo appearance as a pedophile priest in the 2002 film ‘Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat,’ and now he’s back bashing his favorite religion again.

“That Waters manages to soil himself in the end should be evident to everyone save himself.  And his lovely fans.”

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