The Catholic League’s 2000 Annual Report on Anti-Catholicism is now available.

The annual report lists incidents of anti-Catholicism that were brought to the league’s attention in 2000.  Entries from the following areas are listed: activist organizations; the arts; business and the workplace; education; government; the media; miscellaneous.  It includes a preface by Catholic League president William Donohue and an executive summary by Robert P. Lockwood, director of research.  The volume reprints a sample of offensive cartoons that appeared in 2000.  Op-ed page ads from the New York Times that the league published during the year are also included.

Copies are now being sent to those on our media list, bishops, congressmen and senators, educators, Catholic colleges and universities, civil rights activists, major supporters of the Catholic League, and many others.  Copies are available to the public for $10.

William Donohue released the following statement on this subject today:

“The Catholic League’s 2000 Annual Report on Anti-Catholicism provides all the evidence needed to convince even the most skeptical person of the prevalence of Catholic bashing in America today.  In one volume, readers can experience the depth and breath of this ancient form of bigotry.  It is my hope that they will compare the findings in our work to the findings listed in similar documents prepared by other civil rights organizations.

“Because the most virulent strains of anti-Catholicism can be found in the quarters of the well educated, it would be foolish to conclude that education is the greatest antidote to bigotry.  Indeed, if this were true, the most educated people in Europe would not have given us the Holocaust.  This said, education is still a resource that can be used—along with other means—to combat intolerance.  This volume can assist in that effort.”

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