The Catholic League’s 1998 Annual Report on Anti-Catholicism is now available. The biggest annual report ever published, the report offers a comprehensive look at anti-Catholicism in 1998. It records Catholic- bashing incidents that emanated from the activist organizations, the artistic community, business, education, government and the media; a sample of some of the more outrageous cartoons is also included.

The purpose of the report is to educate the public as to the nature and uniquity of anti-Catholicism. We especially want to affect leaders in business, education, government, law and the media. But it is also designed to embolden rank and file Catholics; we want to make them more aware of the challenges we face and the need to combat anti-Catholic prejudice.

For $10, we will mail you a copy of the report, postage and handling included. This is a great resource, a learning instrument that you, your family and your friends can turn to for hard evidence of the reality of anti-Catholicism. We’re sending copies to every bishop and congressman in the country, as well as to many in the media. But to get your own copy, please order now while supplies last.


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