Catholic League director of communications Jeff Field recently had the opportunity to see the Broadway show “Memphis.” Unlike most plays these days, this is one which most Christians will find entertaining and inspiring.
Opening to critical acclaim in October of 2009, the Broadway musical “Memphis” is a hit that should not be missed. Set in the segregated southern city of Memphis in the 1950s, the musical is more than a show full of catchy tunes and a wonderful cast; it is a lesson on how to live our lives true to our Christian values and a demonstration of the importance of God.
The story revolves around a young white disc-jockey named Huey and a black lounge singer named Felicia. When Huey first heard Felicia sing, he was moved and knew that her voice could be one to help bring unity to an area divided by race. It is through her voice and the redemptive quality of religion that help bridge that gap.
A tale of redemption, faith, forgiveness and hope, it is no wonder why “Memphis” won the Tony Award for Best Musical in 2010. The show will have you thinking, laughing and tapping your feet. When looking for a Broadway hit, that is sure not to disappoint, look no further than “Memphis.”
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