On July 24, Rep. Mike Pence introduced an amendment to the Labor-HHS appropriations bill that would bar Title X money to Planned Parenthood; it lost, mostly along party lines, as Democrats worked to defeat it.

This was a defining moment. All the chatter about “common ground” on abortion proved to be a joke. While Title X does not provide funding for abortion, everyone knows that money is fungible: by giving Planned Parenthood Title X funding, it effectively underwrites its abortion clinics.

It is amazing the grip that Planned Parenthood has on the Democratic Party. Its president, Cecile Richards, visited the White House in August to discuss abortion and the health care bill; it was her second meeting there.

The fact is that Americans do not want to pay for abortions, yet the Democrats insist that they do. They like to call it “reproductive rights,” rights which never extend to the unborn.

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