Following the lead of President Barack Obama, the House of Representatives passed a bill on July 16, that would allow the District of Columbia to fund abortions. Also following the president’s wishes, the same bill affirmed the earlier congressional decision to end school vouchers there.

Something doesn’t add up. On the same night that the bill was passed, President Obama spoke in New York at the 100th anniversary celebration of the NAACP, saying, “No one has written your destiny for you.” That’s certainly true of the crowd “clad in tuxedos and ball gowns,” as the New York Times described them. But what about the African American children in the nation’s capital that will soon be born? Thanks to what happened in the House, the road is being paved to insure that publicly financed abortionists will control the destiny of a large segment of the black poor.

Here’s what it comes down to: indigent African American pregnant women in D.C. will be told that if they decide to abort their baby, the government will pay for it. But if the same women persist in bringing their babies to term, the government will not provide them with school vouchers to help them avoid the same lousy public school system that President Obama and his wife shunned for their daughters.

Either way, this sounds like a death warrant. That this cruel concept of choice—public funds for aborting the children of the poor but not a dime for school choice—is coming from the “champions” of the poor is all the more despicable. By contrast, they make ordinary rednecks look positively harmless.

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