Fodor’s Revises Books; Biased Accounts Deleted

Catalyst September Issue 2007, Front Page

Beginning in the spring, and ending over the summer, the Catholic League was able to persuade Random House to make substantive revisions to its Fodor’s Travel Guides. Deleted were several objectionable references to Catholicism, remarks that should never have appeared in reference books. As far back as 2000, we received complaints about the Fodor... [Read more...]

Abortion Cop-Out

Catalyst September Issue 2007, Front Page

As expected, Amnesty Inter-national, the group that monitors human rights around the world, approved an abortion-rights policy at its biennial conference in Mexico City; the policy was first adopted this past spring. Responding to criticism from the Vatican, as well as from American bishops, Amnesty issued a news release on June 14 saying that it does... [Read more...]

Muslim Rights In The Schools

Catalyst September Issue 2007, From The President's Desk

William A. Donohue In New York City schools, it is legal to ban the display of a Christian nativity scene while permitting depictions of the Islamic crescent and stars. There are no vouchers or tuition-tax credits for Catholic parents who elect to send their children to parochial schools, but a taxpayer-funded Arabic school has opened in Brooklyn. And... [Read more...]

Charitable Giving: Stereotypes Exploded

Catalyst September Issue 2007, Essay

Every now and then I read a book that makes me want to stand up and cheer. The latest entry is Who Really Cares by Arthur C. Brooks, professor of public administration at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. We’ve become e-mail “pen pals,” and I’m happy to say that Arthur is Roman Catholic. Brooks... [Read more...]

Fodor’s Agrees To Changes

Catalyst September Issue 2007

The Catholic League is pleased that Random House has agreed to make changes to the following entries (in italics) in its Fodor’s guidebooks.  The alterations to be made, as detailed by Fodor’s vice president and publisher Timothy Jarrell, are also outlined here: From Mexico 2007: Outside the Antigua Basílica stands a statue of Juan Diego,... [Read more...]

CNN Gets It Wrong

Catalyst September Issue 2007

On August 7, CNN did a report on the opening of “Gay Street” in Rome, a section frequented by homosexuals.  The network’s Rome bureau chief, Alessio Vinci, concluded his report this way: “In a country where practically everyone is Catholic, the words of the pope still carry some weight.  And although the Vatican did not comment on... [Read more...]

Catholic Bashers Smear Brownback

Catalyst September Issue 2007

An e-mail was circulated in late July among evangelicals in Iowa asking them not to split the Christian vote between former Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas and Kansas Senator Sam Brownback; they were urged to vote for Huckabee, an evangelical, over Brownback, a Roman Catholic. The letter stemmed from Walnut Creek Community Church in Windsor Heights.... [Read more...]

“The Ten” Amuses Critics; Double Standard Is Nauseating

Catalyst September Issue 2007

On August 3, ThinkFilm released “The Ten,” a movie composed of 10 different vignettes depicting characters breaking each of the Ten Commandments.   The Catholic League’s own Kiera McCaffrey watched the film and found it to be absolutely asinine.  The skits, all absurd comedy, are a mix of the vulgar, the scatological and the blasphemous. Amidst... [Read more...]

Jay Leno’s Obsession

Catalyst September Issue 2007

During a five-week stretch in June and July, the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” ridiculed priests six times and the pope once; all of the priest jokes were sexual in nature and painted priests as molesters. · June 18: Robin Williams gets into an extended diatribe about priests as pedophiles · June 20: Leno cracks a joke about priests as... [Read more...]

San Diego Minutemen Harass Catholics

Catalyst September Issue 2007

The San Diego Minutemen, an anti-illegal immigrant group not affiliated with either the Minute-man Project or the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps, chose to target St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Fallbrook, California.  Some of the Minutemen’s protests were accompanied by anti-Catholic bigotry. Father Edward “Bud” Kaicher, pastor... [Read more...]

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