Gay Parades Bash Catholics

This past June, Gay Pride Parades were held in several cities across the country. Unlike all othe rparades, these marches have a negative message to them. The target of abuse is the Catholic Church. In San Francisco, a group called Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence mocked all Catholic clergy and religious, including the Pope. In Boston, a group of pro-life... [Read more...]

ABA Offends Christians

The cover story of the summer edition of Human Rights, the American Bar Association journal of the Section on Rights and Responsibilities, featured a discussion regarding the implications of hospital mergers between Catholic and secular institutions. But it was not the article that the Catholic League objected to (flawed though it was), rather it was... [Read more...]

The Style of the Catholic League

Last month I addressed the question of the Catholic League’s politics, so this month I thought I’d discuss the League’s style. If there is one criticism of the Catholic League that is persistently made it is that the League is entirely too hard-hitting in its style. Interestingly, this criticism comes predominantly from Catholics,... [Read more...]

What to Expect At the Beijing Conference

By Dale O’Leary The following is an excerpt from Dale O‘Leary’s monograph, “Gender: The Deconstruction ofWomen.” Dale is a frequent commentator on international issues. It is especially timely given the commencement of the Fourth World Conference on Women on September 4; it extends to September 15 and is being held in... [Read more...]

Senator Inouye Resigns From Population Institute After League Protest

The feature story in the last Catalyst read “Nazi Slur of Vatican Implicates Congressmen.” It described the Catholic-bashing letter that The Population Institute sent to its members in May. In it, the Vatican was labeled “the anti-contraceptive gestapo.” The Catholic League wrote to all the current Congressmen who serve on the... [Read more...]

Religious Equality Amendment Badly Needed

At a press conference on July 10 at New York’s Hunter College, the Catholic League joined with various Christian and Jewish organizations in support of the Religious Equality Amendment. The amendment seeks to secure for all Americans their right to religious liberty and freedom of speech, both of which have been jeopardized in recent years by... [Read more...]

Hugh Grant’s Favorite Cheerleaders

English actor and “Hollywood john” Hugh Grant made a revealmg statement after he was nabbed with a woman whose oxymoronic name is Divine. Grant admitted that “I’ve always had a crush on cheerleaders. Catholic cheerleaders-my double favorite.” Considering how Grant amuses himself with his crushes we at the Catholic League... [Read more...]

Hollywood Is At It Again

Catholicism was the subject of more Hollywood-type treatment in two movies released over the summer. “Jeffrey” is labeled an “AIDS comedy” by movie reviewer Thelma Adams. Adams, who loved “Priest,” gave three stars to “Jeffrey,” delighting in its Irreverence. Adams said the lead actor’s performance... [Read more...]

Disney Purchase of ABC Spells Trouble

The announcement that Disney is planning to acquire Capital Cities/ABC is not looked upon favorably by the Catholic League. Given the Disney-Miramax movie “Priest,” which slammed Catholicism, and given the Miramax-Excalibur movie “Kids,” which is so sexually exploitative of adolescents that it was released unrated-after first... [Read more...]

KFI Radio (Los Angeles) Insults Catholics

On July 16, 1995, talk show host Bill Press went on a lengthy tirade insulting the Pope and Catholic priests. The topic of conversation, the Catholic Church’s requirements for ordination to the priesthood, quickly descended to an obscene level. Admitting that the Pope is “not one of my favorite people,” Press proceeded to make accusation... [Read more...]

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