Pope Defamed at New Jersey State College

Anti-Catholic bigotry on college campuses is nothing new, but what happened at a Wayne, New Jersey state college this past summer suggests that matters are¬†getting much worse. On July 5, 1994,¬†Professor Vernon McClean, an instructor in the African-American and Caribbean studies department at William Paterson College, opened the first session of his... [Read more...]

Housing Discrimination Case Sent to Trial in Massachusetts

Paul and Ronald Desilets, Catholic landlords who were sued by the state of Massachusetts in 1990 when they refused to rent an apartment to an unmarried couple, are faced with continuing court proceedings. A lower court had ruled in the Desilets’ favor against a claim by the state attorney general’s office that their action in refusing to... [Read more...]

League Members Fund New Public Service Ads

The response to the June appeal was so good that the Catholic League will now post two new public service ads. Our first anti-condom ad appeared last June in the New York City subways and generated a great deal of publicity. The “Condoms Don’t Save Lives” ad effectively ended the silence that had been imposed on the sex education debate.... [Read more...]

The Severed Flower: Conservatism Without God

By Rabbi Daniel Lapin I believe that there is only one fundamental set of principles on which to base a functioning society, that the forces which accept these principles will often be tragically divided with regard to methods, priorities, etc., and that the forces which reject the fundamental principles will be united by their rejection. In practical... [Read more...]

The Politics of Population Control

September marks the month of the International Conference on Population and Development, otherwise known as the Cairo Conference. Regrettably, events leading up to the Conference have already exposed a virulent strain of anti-Catholicism (see the June Catalyst), and it is therefore unlikely that the Cairo proceedings will close without additional incidents... [Read more...]

Meeting With Newsday Editor

On July 15, Dr. Donohue met with Newsday editor Anthony Marro to discuss the paper’s coverage of Catholics. The exchange was frank, serious and cordial. At the meeting, Dr. Donohue presented 76 petitions signed by Long Island pastors expressing their concern for the way Catholics have been portrayed by the newspaper. Expectations are that more... [Read more...]

Meeting With Deputy Mayor of N.Y.

On July 26, Dr. Donohue met with Fran Reiter, Deputy Mayor of the City of New York. He conveyed his outrage at Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s silence in the wake of the incredibly anti-Catholic exhibition that took place in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral during an illegal gay parade on June 26th. After listening to the Deputy Mayor Reiter’s... [Read more...]

Catholic League Calls for F.A.C.E. Prosecution in Massachusetts Robbery and Desecration

The Catholic League has become the first organization in the United States to call for a prosecution of church disrupters under the new federal Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (F.A.C.E.) Act of 1994. The League’s action stems from the June 10 robbery of St. Mary’s Church in Lawrence, Massachusetts, where two men desecrated the Blessed... [Read more...]

League Denounces Defacement of Church’s Pro-life Sign

On July 21, 1994, a pro-life sign on the property of the Church of the Holy Child in Staten Island, New York, was defaced by an anonymous group of anti-Catholic bigots. The sign which reads “Abortion Stops a Beating Heart,” was paid for through donations raised by the parish Respect Life Committee. Holy Child pastor, Monsignor John D. Burke,... [Read more...]

World Prayer Movement Setfor Week of October 2-8, 1994

The 5th annual week of prayer and fasting – World Prayer Movement 1994 – has been set for the week of October 2-8, 1994. The movement is a national and international program that stretches around the globe and bridges all denominations in its call for a week of prayer for peace in our hearts, our homes, our world, and an end to all killing,... [Read more...]

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