Clinton’s Surgeon General nominee nailed for anti-Catholic statements

Dr. Joycelyn Elders, President Clinton’s nominee for the post of Surgeon General, is on record as being anti-Catholic. The Catholic League, in a July 22 news release, quoted several public statements by Elders indicative of her hostility towards the Catholic Church. (The full text of the League news release appears on pg. 2). Bishop James T .... [Read more...]

Washington Post says League is right

In a lead editorial on Monday, August 2, the Washington Post called Catholic League criticism of Dr. Joycelyn Elders “right.” The editorial dismissed opposition to Elders because of her stands on “sex education, abortion and contraception.” But when it came to the League’s criticism of Elders as anti-Catholic, the Post... [Read more...]

From the President’s desk…

My children still play many of the same games that I used to play as a child. One of them is make-believe. The point of this game is to pretend, to make-believe that you are someone else. As such, kids can quickly become firefighters, nurses, detectives, teachers, and so on. All that is needed is some “dress ups” and a little imagination. Just... [Read more...]

An open Letter to Father Virgil Blum…

Dear Father: If, from your place in Heaven, you give an occasional glance towards earth, I know you are pleased with the League you founded and with its strong new leadership. Even more you rejoice that people of every faith, and even nonbelievers, are now laboring all over the nation to achieve your goal of freedom of choice in education. June 18 the... [Read more...]

Catholic League News Release

The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights is unalterably opposed to anti-Catholicism whenever and wherever it occurs. That is why it views with alarm the public statements of Dr. Joycelyn Elders, presidential nominee for Surgeon General. When Dr. Elders was serving as Director of the Arkansas Department of Health, she made several statements... [Read more...]

League protests Russian religious freedom limits

In the wake of new restrictions on religious activities adopted by the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, Catholic League president William Donohue has written a letter to the Russian delegation at the United Nations calling attention to League concerns about limitations on religious liberty in Russia. “It is our belief,” wrote Dr.... [Read more...]

Ruth Ginsburg’s Role With the ACLU

By Bill Donohue Editor’s Note: The following article by Catholic League president William A. Donohue, Ph.D., appeared in the July 3, 1993 issue of Human Events. In it, Dr. Donohue, a nationally recognized authority on the ACLU, offers some very enlightening background on Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose nomination hearings were compared... [Read more...]

The Ugly

American Atheists, based in Austin, Texas, organized “Pope Picket ’93” in order to defend “freedom of choice for women … rights of gay men and women … freedom of expression … separation of government and religion.” Their slick brochure informs its readers that “The pope of Rome has no business trying... [Read more...]

“Opinion-Poll Catholics” and Their Church

This piece by Don Feder appeared in the New York Post on August 16, 1993. We thank Mr. Feder for giving us permission to reprint this piece. Mr. Feder is the author of A Jewish Conservative Looks at Pagan America, published by Huntington House. Anyone interested in obtaining a copy of this excellent and very readable collection of his columns... [Read more...]


by Karen lynn Krugh Editor’s note: Karen Lynn Krugh recently joined our national office staff as an executive assistant. She attended World Youth Day in Denver and submitted this report for our readers. Our nation has experienced division in many ways and for many years. Each generation, it seems, endures a period of tribulation and suffering... [Read more...]

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