League Ad Praises Holy Father, And Sends Message to Critics

On Sunday, October 16, an ad by the Catholic League praising Pope John Paul II was published in the Opinion-Editorial section of the New York Times. The ad congratulated the Holy Father for his 16 years of service, drawing attention to his importance as a world leader (see Ad). What the Holy Father has accomplished is unparalleled: he is the supreme... [Read more...]

NEWSWEEK Reports on League Transit Ads

The September 26th edition of Newsweek magazine included coverage of the Catholic League’s transit ads. The article featured a photo of the League’s first anti-condom ad, “Want to Know a Dirty Little Secret?” It stated that the League was “reborn after years of near bankruptcy” and that it was conducting anti-condom... [Read more...]

League Draws Venom From Critics

There are several ways I can measure the success of the Catholic League. When I receive kind words from people like Bishop Dudley of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, or from people like Roger McCaffrey of the Latin Mass Magazine, I know we’re on the right track. When the media keep calling us for interviews, that’s a good sign. When we’re... [Read more...]


by K. D. Whitehead American Catholics can only reflect with deep shame on the role their government played in the preparation for and participation in the recent UN International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo. The Cairo conference itself surely represented some kind of moral low point in the modem world’s relentless slide... [Read more...]

Can There Be Bigotry Without Bigots?

On Sunday, September 25, Catholic League president Dr. William A. Donohue delivered the keynote address at the Red Mass Luncheon. The event, which took place at the New York Hilton, was preceded by the Red Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral; Cardinal O ‘Connor was the celebrant. The Red Mass is the annual Mass that recognizes the work of Catholic... [Read more...]

Congratulations, Holy Father

October 16, 1994, New York Times, “Congratulations, Holy Father”  Read More →

Administration Kills Brief Filed in Bizarre Minnesota Bankruptcy Case

In a surprising reversal, President Clinton has directed the Justice Department to withdraw a brief it filed in a controversial religious freedom case, the Wall Street Journal reported (September J6, 1994). In Christians, Trustee v. Crystal Evangelical Free Church, a trustee in bankruptcy court attempted to seize funds donated to the church by a couple... [Read more...]

League Ad Selected By Museum

The Catholic League’s first anti-condom subway ad, “Want To Know A Dirty Little Secret?” was selected by the Acquistion Committee of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum of New York City to be part of its permanent collection.  Read More →

Book of the Month

Catholic League president William Donohue’s latest book, Twilight of Liberty: The Legacy of the ACLU, has been selected as the Feature Selection of the Conservative Book Club. His other two books were also selected as the book of the month by the Conservative Book Club.  Read More →

League Enters Arizona Harassment Case

In June, 1993, Beverly Rutt quit her job at Specialty Graphics in Phoenix, Arizona. She quit as a result of on-going sexual harassment, much of it aimed at her because she was a Catholic. When she filed for unemployment compensation, she was denied on the basis of her employer’s complaint that she harassed fellow workers by displaying a picture... [Read more...]

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