Madonna posters come down in wake of Catholic League protest

Offensive ads depicting pop star Madonna and the Virgin Mary and Infant Jesus quickly came down from New York City public buses and telephone booths in the wake of a firestorm of protest initiated by the Catholic League in late September. The ads, which bore the legend “The difference between you and your parents,” promoted VH-1, the video... [Read more...]

A Message from Denver

All of us learned as children the simple but profound words that Abraham Lincoln spoke at Gettysburg. He reminded his listeners that our forefathers had created “a new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” And much of what he said on that November day in 1863 is particularly meaningful... [Read more...]


From My Viewpoint by Cardinal John O’Connor According to Ray Kerrison of the New York Post (Sept. 27, 1993), Mr. Bill Donohue has written a letter to Mayor Dinkins about the almost unbelievable ad plastered on the sides of city buses, public property. The ad presents Madonna, whom Mr. Kerrison calls “the pop freak who peddles blasphemy and... [Read more...]


By Karen Lynn Krugh In late September, for over two days, the city of New York was rocked by the protests of the Catholic League. Hardly a television or radio station missed the story. It was hot stuff. Religion and sex always sells, doesn’t it? As you now know, the Catholic League was successful in having the Metrolitan Transportation Authority... [Read more...]

The Popularity of Depravity

There is every sign that we are living in a society that suffers from an acute case of cultural schizophrenia. Survey research discloses that the American people worry about the future of the nation, citing the social disintegration that is upon us. Separation, divorce, illegitimacy, AIDS, homicide, suicide, drugs – you’ve all heard the... [Read more...]

L.A. company apologizes to Catholics for accepting anti-Catholic billboards

A Los Angeles company which owns thousands of outdoor advertising billboards in southern California has apologized to area Catholics for carrying anti-Catholic advertising sponsored by a breakaway group of Seventh Day Adventists. Tod Tamberg, editor of The Tidings, the colorful weekly of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, thanked the Catholic League Newsletter... [Read more...]

Non-sectarian Protestant school backed in teacher hiring discrimination suit

League joins brief The Catholic League has joined the Christian Legal Society and others in filing a friend of the court brief asking the United States Supreme Court to review a decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals which ruled that a Protestant school cannot refuse to hire a non-Protestant who inquired about a teaching position. In narrowly... [Read more...]

League supports Massachusetts pair in “rental discrimination” suit

The Catholic League has filed a friend of the court brief with the Massachusetts Supreme Court in support of Catholic brothers who were sued for discrimination because they refused to rent an apartment to a unmarried heterosexual couple. The brothers, Paul and Ronald Desilets, declined to rent their apartment to a cohabiting couple because they believed... [Read more...]

Freedom and moral truth must go hand in hand

by Robert Royal If you get your news about the pope from the American press, you would probably guess that Veritatis Splendor (The Splendor of Truth), John Paul’s encyclical on morality which appeared earlier this month is all about sex. In the media, the Vatican is almost always portrayed as obsessed with sex – and a country that has produced... [Read more...]

Pennsylvania bishops defend tax-exempt status of charities

In response to attempts by local taxing authorities to challenge (sometimes successfully) the tax-exempt status of religious and other public charities in Pennsylvania, the state’s bishops have issued a call to action. After outlining the splendid work done by various charitable agencies and institutions sponsored by the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania,... [Read more...]

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