New York Politicos Snub Irish Parade

A number of New York politicians – most notably Governor Mario Cuomo, Manhattan Borough President Ruth Messinger, Comptroller Alan Hevesi, and Public Advocate Mark Green – chose to snub the St. Patrick’s Day Parade because it excluded an openly gay and lesbian organization. The Catholic League immediately challenged their decision... [Read more...]

Choice in Education May Come to Jersey City

By William A. Donohue On March 25th, at a meeting called by Mayor Bret Schundler of Jersey City, New Jersey, local activists interested in education reform gathered at City Hall to learn first-hand about an exciting plan to restructure elementary and secondary education. Entitled the “Children First” Education Act, the driving concept behind... [Read more...]

But Boston Just Gets Condoms

Over the objections of parents and religious leaders, the Boston School Committee voted on March 16 to distribute condoms at school based health clinics in Boston Public Schools. The School Committee, which is appointed by the mayor, voted six to one in favor of the proposal which was prepared on the personal initiative of Boston mayor Thomas Menino,... [Read more...]

The parade that turned into a hotel…

By Andrew J. McCauley Mr. McCauley is currently servmg as Catholic League General Counsel. He practices law in New York City, and filed the League’s amicus brief in the Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade case. The ongoing movement to relegate public Catholic presence in America to the closet, took a major step forward Friday, March 11, 1994.... [Read more...]

League Defends Boston Teacher Under Attack

The Catholic League has come to the defense of a Boston Latin School teacher, Owen O’Malley, after calls for disciplining and firing him because he wrote a letter critical of homosexuality which was published in the school paper. O’Malley, a member of the Catholic League, has been the object of controversy in the Boston media since March... [Read more...]

League Protests Human Embryo Experiments

Catholic League president William A. Donohue has written the chair of the National Institutes of Health Human Embryo Research Panel to voice the League’s strong objections to proposed research. He compared the present proposals to risky medical procedures performed decades ago on African-Americans and to current concerns being voiced over the... [Read more...]

“Discrimination” Case is Religious Freedom Fight

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has sued Rick and Paul Desilets, owners of an apartment building in Turners Falls, for daring to live up to the demands of their conscience. Because the Desilets are devout Catholics who believe that sex outside of marriage is sinful, they refused to rent one of their apartments to an unmarried couple. The Massachusetts... [Read more...]


Minneapolis, St. Cloud – US West, in response to numerous complaints from advertisers and customers alike, has changed its policy regarding religious references in housing-related advertisements in its Yellow Pages. The new policy will allow religiously affiliated providers of permanent housing, (i.e.-nursing homes, retirement homes, etc.) to... [Read more...]


The ACLU has filed Notice of Appeal to the Vermont Supreme Court in Paquette v. Regal Art Supplies. On February 18, 1994, Judge Linda Lavitt of the Franklin Superior Court entered an order dismissing the case against Chuck and Susan Baker, Catholic owners of a printing company who had been sued for discrimination when they refused to print materials... [Read more...]

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