“60 Minutes” Rigs Show Against Catholic Church

On January 22, the CBS program “60 Minutes” aired a segment on the Catholic dissident group Call to Action. The segment covered a Call to Action conference held in Chicago in November, 1994, treating viewers to comments from the most alienated portions of the Catholic community. In the wake of the show, the headquarters of the... [Read more...]

League Wins Key Religious Freedom Case

In late January, the Catholic League received word that it had won an important religious freedom case. At stake was whether Catholic landlords can exercise their religious beliefs by refusing to rent an apartment to an unwed couple. The Catholic League, which had filed an amicus brief on behalf of the landlords, was delighted with the news. The case... [Read more...]

Distortions and Lies About the Catholic Church

There is a great deal of distortion and outright lying going on about the Catholic Church these days, and the time has come to name names. I’ll begin at home base. Over the past several years, Father Andrew Greeley has made quite a spectacle of himself hawking his sex novels. But usually Father Greeley can be counted on to have command of the... [Read more...]

Clinton’s Catholic Problem

By William A. Donohue This article first appeared in the January 1995 issue of Crisis magazine. It is reprinted here with permission. Recently, when someone from the White House called to defend the Clinton administration on the charge of anti-Catholicism, I waited to hear something persuasive. But as I will reveal, nothing he said proved very convincing.... [Read more...]

The Case of the Vanishing Crucifix Earns League Letter

Dr. Ron Collins Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost Eastern Michigan University Room 106, Welch Hall Ypsilanti,MI 48197 Dear Dr. Collins: It has come to my attention that Professor Joanna Scott, Chairperson of the Department of Political Science, has removed a crucifix that was affixed to the wall above the desk of graduate assistant... [Read more...]

Justice Department Exceeds Its Reach

On January 20, the Boston Globe reported that Attorney General Janet Reno announced that the Justice Department “will be monitoring antiabortion rhetoric.” The Catholic League sought verification of this report and found that it was accurate. On January 17, the Justice Department released a statement that opens with the following sentence:... [Read more...]

Demagoguery Marks Planned Parenthood

In an advertisement in the New York Times of January 5, Planned Parenthood blamed Cardinal O’Connor and Cardinal Law for the killings by John Salvi of two receptionists at an abortion clinic in Brookline, Massachusetts on December 30. The ad labeled Cardinal O’Connor’s statement that “you cannot prevent killing by killing”... [Read more...]

New Address for Philadelphia Chapter

The Greater Philadelphia – South Jersey Chapter may be contacted at (215) 673-7388. Their fax number is 673-4733. The new chapter president is Arthur J. Delaney. He is ably assisted by Executive Director Michael Curry and Communications Director Gerard St. John. Mail should go to the chapter at P.O. Box 14573, Philadelphia, PA 19115.  Read More →

The League’s New York Times Ad

The Catholic League’s “Open Letter” (click here) published in the New York Times, January 20, 1995. The ad was made possible by the generosity of our members. (The ad is shown reduced in size to fit this page.)  Read More →

Progress Made at Colorado High School

In the November issue of Catalyst, we notified League members of the disturbing situation in a school district in southern Colorado. Gary Benson, in his Cultural Geography class at Centauri High School, had been engaged in the propagation of misinformation about the Catholic Church to his students. He was quoting material directly from a William C.... [Read more...]

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