A.O.H. wins back N.Y. parade

Some might call it the luck of the Irish, but we think it was a good ruling based on solid First Amendment rights. We’re speaking, of course, of the resounding victory of the Ancient Order of Hibernians who won back the right to run their New York St. Patrick’s Day parade as they see fit. While the ruling of U.S. District Judge Kevin Thomas... [Read more...]

High Court hears Zobrest case

The case of Zobrest v. Catalina Foothills School District No. 92-94 was finally argued before the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday, February 24. The profoundly deaf Jimmy Zobrest – now a tall, handsome college freshman – stood at long last on the steps of the United States Supreme Court with his mother and attorney William Bentley Ball. The... [Read more...]

Bishops urge letters to Congress on Freedom of Choice Act

The bishops of the United States are so alarmed at the resurrected “Freedom of Choice” Act, once again on its way through Congress but with excellent chances at passage this time, that they are urging Catholics to demand its defeat. The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), which has been described as the most radical legislation ever to go before... [Read more...]


This cartoon from the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph needs little explanation and no further comment.  Read More →

Boston mayor vetoes “Domestic partners” measure

The Catholic League Massachusetts chapter publicly commended Boston Mayor Ray Flynn for his veto of a domestic partners ordinance passed recently by the city council. Chapter Executive Director Joe Doyle called the veto “an act of courage and principle” that “protected the integrity of the family, and respected the rights of the majority... [Read more...]

NCCB President asks Jews to reconsider opposition to school aid

In a major address to the National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council, Baltimore Archbishop William H. Keeler, current president of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, asked the Jewish community to rethink its outspoken opposition to public aid for students in private and parochial schools. In his address, Archbishop Keeler, one-time... [Read more...]

USCC changes stance on RFRA

The United States Catholic Conference has backed off on its demand for a pro-life amendment to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. According to League sources, this move was made in light of the Supreme Court’s Planned Parenthood v. Casey decision which made “RFRA’s application to abortion academic.” Sponsors will add new... [Read more...]

Schools Week exhibit sparks school aid protest/support

A Catholic Schools exhibit in the Massachusetts Statehouse in conjunction with the celebration of Catholic Schools Week sparked anti-Catholic reaction from the Massachusetts Teachers Association. Doric Hall, site of the exhibit, is used throughout the year for a broad variety of displays and is open to virtually any group. The Massachusetts Chapter... [Read more...]

Real-World Choice

The education establishment breathed a sigh of relief last year after it defeated a voucher measure in Colorado and helped elect Bill Clinton, an opponent of private school choice. Some education bureaucrats declared the choice movement was stalled. They couldn’t be more wrong. Each week brings evidence of interest in school choice from surprising... [Read more...]

Follow the money…

The anti-parental choice candidate in next month’s run-off election in Wisconsin (to succeed virulent choice opponent Herbert Grover), has accepted a $54,000 contribution from WEAC, the state’s powerful public school teacher’s union. Even the Milwaukee Journal, no great supporter of choice, raised the question of strings attached to... [Read more...]

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