Catholic League Subway Ad Explodes in Controversy

By William A. Donohue It all began on January 19th. That was the day the Catholic Leagne registered its criticisms of the New York City subway ads posted by the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, a radical homosexual outfit. The posters included pictures of young people of the same sex kissing each other, complete with photos of condoms and dental dams.... [Read more...]

N.Y. Post Editorial Backs League Ads

The following editorial appeared in the New York Post on Saturday, April 30, 1994. It is reprinted with permission. The Truth About Condoms A new AIDS-prevention campaign has drawn the ire of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, which seems to want to maintain a virtual stranglehold on the dissemination of AIDS-related information. This development isn’t... [Read more...]


Workplace discrimination against Catholics is still with ns. To be sure, most Catholics do not make an issue of their religion on the job. Nor should they. But that doesn’t mean that external manifestations of Catholicism should be hidden from the workplace. Here are two examples: it is customary on Ash Wednesday for Catholics to report to work... [Read more...]

A Marriage Made in Heaven

the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights & the Society of Catholic Social Scientists By Dr. Joseph A. Varacalli Former V.P. Dan Quayle calls it the “cultural elite.” Theologian Richard Neuhaus refers to it as a modern day form of “gnosticism.” Sociologist Peter Berger terms it the “new class.” Adapting... [Read more...]

Happiness is…

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the happiest of them all? Not the intellectuals, that’s for sure. Indeed, they’re probably the most miserable. But more on that later. Certainly among the happiest are those who have happy marriages, and there is little doubt that, by and large, the happily married are those who take their religion seriously.... [Read more...]

Carnegie-Mellon Admits “Mistake” After League Threatens Suit

On April 19th, Pittsburgh’s Carnegie-Mellon University admitted that it had made “a mistake” in charging student Patrick Mooney with harassment. The charge was made after Mooney conveyed to a visiting professor his outrage over the posting of a highly offensive portrait of John Cardinal O’Connor by a student organization. The... [Read more...]


David E. Kelley is the executive producer of the CBS show “Picket Fences.” For whatever reason, he seems obsessed with Catholic-baiting. Last October, an episode of “Picket Fences” bashed the Catholic Church for its stand on contraception and abortion. But the show of April 29th went beyond that, this time portraying a Catholic... [Read more...]

Catholic Bashing at the United Nations

We received copies of this gem from members across the country. The recently concluded three week Preparatory Committee meeting of the International Conference on Population and Development was marred by several incidents of Catholic-bashing. In a statement, Dr. William A. Donohue, president of the Catholic League, detailed his objections: “The... [Read more...]

Judge Blasts ‘Loss of Moral Values,’ Reinstates Principal Who Allowed Prayer

A high school principal in Jackson, Mississippi, fired because he allowed a student to read a prayer over the school’s intercom system, has been reinstated by a judge who spoke in his decision of the “loss of moral values in public education” which has occurred since the Supreme Court’s 1962 decision barring prayer in public... [Read more...]

Only Pro-Choice Catholics Need Apply?

According to news reports, senior officials in the New York Republican party have determined that the Republican party gubernatorial nominee must fit a certain demographic mold. The candidate must be Catholic, pro-choice and fiscally conservative. The plain effect of this test is to exclude people like Herb London, who is both Jewish and pro-life, from... [Read more...]

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