Catholic League Newsday Petition

The following is the full text of the petition distributed to all pastors on Long Island following publication o f the two Marlette cartoons by Newsday. We, the undersigned, are outraged over the persistently biased coverage of the Catholic Church by Newsday. Our complaint has nothing to do with the right of Newsday, or any other media source, to disagree... [Read more...]

Voice Article Draws League Response

An article in New York’s Village Voice critical of teaching youngsters sexual abstinence drew this pointed letter from League president William A. Donohue. It was published. Marc Cooper’s slam against the abstinence-based Sex Respect program (“The Christian Right’s Sex Machine,” June 7) shows how jittery the left gets... [Read more...]

High Court Rejects Special Jewish School District

The Supreme Court has ruled that the state of New York acted unconstitutionally when it created a special school district to serve the children of an orthodox Jewish religious sect, the Satmar Hasidim. The Kiryas Joel school district in Orange County, New York was established in 1989 when parents in the village refused to send their disabled children... [Read more...]

Want to a Know Dirty Little Secret?

Well, some of New York did, and some most definitely did not. From the day the first TV news story on the then-upcoming subway ads ran, the Catholic League has been besieged by phone calls, both pro and con. We have been called “church mongers,” “liars,” and “murderers,” as well as ignorant and irresponsible. Callers... [Read more...]

Blessed Sacrament Desecrated in Mid-Mass Robbery

In one of the most dreadful attacks ever made upon the Blessed Sacrament in the history of the Archdiocese of Boston, two men stole sacred vessels from the altar of a church as a priest, saying Mass, led the congregation in The Our Father. On Friday, June 10, 1994, David Cedeno, a 17-year-old Dominican, and an unidentified accomplice entered St. Mary’s... [Read more...]

Blackmun Retires; Clinton Taps Breyer

Judge Stephen G. Breyer has been nominated by President Clinton to succeed retiring Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. Blackmun, author of the court’s 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade which legalized abortion in this country, will step down at the end of the court’s term. Breyer is expected to win confirmation with little opposition. Although... [Read more...]

League Blasts U.S. House Vote on Abortion Coverage

The Catholic League condemned the May 11 vote by the House Education and Labor Health Subcommittee to keep abortion cov- erage as a basic benefit in President Clinton’s Health Care bill. The League called the vote “an attack on the consciences of tens of millions of Americans.” Catholic League Operations Director C. J. Doyle stated:... [Read more...]

Forced Birth Control Plan Draws Objection

The Catholic League strongly condemned the amendment to the House budget sponsored by State Rep. Mark Roosevelt that would require Massachusetts welfare recipients to undergo birth control counseling. The League called the measure “an outrageous and probably unconstitutional assault on religious freedom rights.” Catholic League Operations... [Read more...]

Philadelphia Chapter Responds to Editorial Cheap Shot in News

Philadelphia Chapter president Art Delaney went after an editorial in the Philadelphia Daily News (“Sinister Campaign to hurt schools”) which attacked “the religious right” for getting involved in opposing an educational program which would promote gay and lesbian lifestyles. Art’s response was published on June 3: We... [Read more...]

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