Cardinal Newman Society Seeks to Preserve Catholic Higher Education

The Cardinal Newman Society (CNS) was established in 1993 to address the many problems that confront Catholic higher education today. Through educational programs and activities, CNS encourages colleges and universities to renew their devotion to education that is faithful to the Church, as described in Pope John Paul Il’s apostolic constitution,... [Read more...]

Better Late Than Never

Has anyone out there noticed that Gregorian Chant is suddenly a very hot item in the music industry? We’ve received several CDs for review and most of them are quite good. Be aware that the quality of the recordings is not uniform because of the mad rush to produce chant albums. If at all possible try to listen to an album before you buy it.  Read More →

Attack on Church Sparks Strong Responses

On October 21, the Courier-News of Bridgewater, New Jersey printed a vicious article against the Catholic Church by Alan Shelton, a writer from Elizabeth, New Jersey. Shelton, a self-confessed Jewish activist, said that he would have led a demonstration against Pope John Paul II if the Holy Father’s visit had not been canceled. In his piece, Shelton... [Read more...]

A Response from the Catholic League

The Courier-News Letter to the Editor Dear Editor: The article by Alan Shelton (“Anti-Semitism: The Church’s Chilling Legacy,” Oct. 21) is more of a screed than a reasoned argument. Shelton’s reading of history is deeply flawed and, given his hatred of the Catholic Church, it seems likely his incompetence is a function of his... [Read more...]

A Response trom the Jewish Action Alliance

OPINION/LETTERS “Catholic Church Progress More Notable Than History” The Courier-News (October 25, 1994) The Jewish people have suffered a great deal from stereotyping, and we’ve been the victims of many such slurs. It is for that reason that we must denounce religious slander when it is done against another faith. Today’s article... [Read more...]

Anti-Catholic Bigotry Again Rears Its Head

By Fr. F. L. Lennon, O. P. Anti-Catholic bigotry in Rhode Island reared its ugly head in a letter to Rep. Jack Reed by a group of 13 Protestant ministers and 6 Jewish rabbis. They informed the Congressman that they were troubled by the action of the Roman Catholic bishops in encouraging members of the Catholic Church to oppose abortion coverage in a... [Read more...]


By Cynthia Jessup Are the media anti-religious? Do the media engage in Catholic bashing, Muslim stereotyping, the mockery or dismissal of traditional morality? If so, who is responsible and what can be done about it? The possible responses to these questions and the issues that surround them were discussed at the last of three symposiums on Media and... [Read more...]

Supreme Court to Review Rosenberger

In a welcome move, the United States Supreme Court has agreed to review a federal appeals court decision supporting a university’s decision to deny funding to a Christian journal published by students even though the university regularly grants money to other student organizations. The plaintiff in the case, Rosenberger v. Rector and Visitors... [Read more...]

Did the Children Cry? Hitler’s War Against Jewish and Polish Children, 1939-45

Did the Children Cry? Hitler’s War Against Jewish and Polish Children, 1939-45 Richard C. LukasĀ  Hippocrene Books, 1994 In this, Lukas’ seventh book, he traces the devastating effects of the Nazi regime on Polish and Jewish children during the years 1939 to 1945. Creating a time-line of military tactics, he outlines seven categories, detailing... [Read more...]

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