League Pressure Secures Hate Crime Conviction

In an historic move, the Catholic League succeeded in pressing for a hate crime prosecution and conviction of a person charged with violating the rights of Catholics. Never before in the history of New England had someone been found guilty of violating the rights of Catholics under a hate crime statute. The conviction stems from an incident on June... [Read more...]

League Protest of Public TV Show Pays Off

On October 30, WNYC-TV, New York City’s public TV station, carried a program called “Inversion of Solitude.” It advertised the show as “An irreverent video satire based on the life of Saint Therese de Lisieux, whose seemingly uneventful life became the subject of a global media campaign.” When the Catholic League learned... [Read more...]

The League Made Its Mark In 1994

As the year comes to a close, we at the Catholic League are struck by two outstanding sentiments: gratitude and optimism. We are very grateful for the generous support that our members have given us and we are quite optimistic about the future of the Catholic League. All indicators are positive. The level of support that we have garnered is impressive.... [Read more...]

Anti-Catholicism In The Media

by Robert P. Lockwood It is true, though not always acknowledged, that there is an anti-Catholic bias in the press and in the media in general. Many reporters perceive a culture that is overwhelmingly secular and rational. Furthermore, they see secularism and rationality as equated with progress: human freedom, individuality, personal liberation from... [Read more...]

Newark Archbishop Congratulates League, Encourages Support

Archdiocese of Newark Most Reverend Theodore E. McCarrick Archbishop of Newark  Read More →

League Letter Asks Surgeon General to Place Warning Labels on Condoms

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Long Island Chapter Honors Dr. Viscardi

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Massachusetts Chapter Honors Mayor Collins

On Wednesday, November 2, 1994, the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights bestowed its John W. McCormack Public Service Award on former Boston Mayor John F. Collins. The award, named after the late U.S. House Speaker from South Boston, was conferred during the Annual Award Banquet of the League’s Massachusetts Chapter at the Sheraton... [Read more...]

League Targets Two Major Advertisers

The Catholic League has registered complaints with the distributors of Dewar’s scotch (Schieffelen and Somerset) and with the Ramada Milford Plaza Hotel in New York for sponsoring a program that contained anti-Catholic material. Both Dewar’s and Ramada were among a list of sponsors who helped underwrite the Lesbian and Gay Cultural &... [Read more...]

University of Kansas Professor Grants Apology

Anti-Catholicism is so deeply entrenched on college campuses that it doesn’t take much to trigger it. Consider what happened to University of Kansas undergraduate Patricia Trausch this past October. On October 5, Pat went to see her mentor, Dr. Albert Cook, to discuss her schedule. She first apologized for missing a previous appointment. In her... [Read more...]

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