League scores media for trumpeting unsubstantiated allegations against clergy

The Catholic League views with alarm the extent to which allegations against Catholic priests for sex abuse have been uncritically received by the media and have then been used by anti-Catholic forces to discredit the entire Catholic Church. The recent charge brought against Chicago archbishop Cardinal Joseph Bernardin is a case in point. In a statement... [Read more...]

Bishops repudiate “Catholics for Free Choice”

League exposes “letterhead” organization Within weeks of the first public admission – during a radio debate with a Catholic League representative – that “Catholics for Free Choice” (CFFC) is a memberless, well-financed “letterhead” organization, the nation’s Catholic bishops have issued a strongly... [Read more...]

There’s precious little Catholic respect in the United States

There is little question that anti-Catholicism has increased markedly in recent times, and if there is any serious doubt I invite anyone to stop by my New York office to avail himself or herself of the evidence. It must be noted that the way anti-Catholicism manifests itself today bears little resemblance to past patterns of bigotry. The nativistic... [Read more...]

Abortion and the Legislation of Morality

By Damian P. Fedoryka, Ph.D. Our country seems to be in the grip of a curious consensus. At a time when pluralism is the inevitable consequence of radical differences of opinion, one “slogan” seems to have a unifying power: it is the supposed principle that not all of morality can be legislated. A famous, one might even say, notorious “Catholic”... [Read more...]

Cardinal blasts L.A. Times surveys of priests and nuns as “Catholic bashing”

Cardinal Roger Mahony has accused the Los Angeles Times of wanting to join “American media’s favorite pastime – Catholic bashing.” The charge was made in letters to the publisher and editor of the paper denouncing two surveys, one of Catholic priests, the other of religious women, currently being conducted by the paper. According... [Read more...]

L.A. Times editor responds, ignores critique of polling

In a statement released on November 2, Shelby Coffey III, editor of the Los Angeles Times responded to the letter from Cardinal Mahony. He completely ignored criticism of the polls and their church-bashing bias. His statement: The Times has one of the best opinion researchers in the business. Our polls are nationally and internationally recognized... [Read more...]

League scores “Picket Fences,” CBS for blatantly anti-Catholic program

The Catholic League has condemned the extreme anti-Catholicism that marked the October 28th airing of the CBS series “Picket Fences.” While many parts of the show were offensive, two segments stood out. In one scene, held in a church, between the Protestant minister and the Catholic layman, the minister states that the Catholic “point... [Read more...]

Anna Quindlen column defends CFFC

In a column published in the New York Times on November 18, and syndicated nationally, Anna Quindlen took the National Conference of Catholic Bishops to task for having the effrontery of “attacking” Catholics for Free Choice. Quindlen, a perennially disaffected “Catholic,” described the bishops’ denunciation of CFFC as... [Read more...]

Population Control in China

China’s misguided effort to control its population has cost the Chinese people dearly. Each year since 1980, 30 million women have been made to have abortions, sterilizations, or IUD insertions. Women pregnant with “illegal” second children are commonly bullied into abortions, sometimes even physically dragged off to clinics against... [Read more...]

Money for U.N. Fund held

In the wake of a lawsuit brought on behalf of a U.S. Congressman and two citizens of China, the Justice Dpartment has held up State Department disbursement of U.S. money to the United Nations Population Fund. The suit charges that the Fund aids China’s oppressive and brutal population control programs which include forced abortion and sterilization... [Read more...]

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