Educational Choice comes close in nationally noted Wisconsin race

Linda Cross, an outspoken proponent of educational choice in her race for Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction, came within a few percentage points of upsetting the anointed candidate of the education establishment in an April run-off election. Cross came out of nowhere in the primary against eight status quo candidates, pulling off a stunning... [Read more...]

Dan Quayle was right

One potato, two… A thought provoking article titled “Dan Quayle Was Right” appeared in the April edition of The Atlantic Monthly and is attracting an enormous amount of attention. Written by Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, the article presents hard data – facts and figures that confirm what the Church has known and taught consistently... [Read more...]

The Times calls them ‘Catholic’ women

The New York Times has deigned to bestow the title “Catholic” on a gathering of about 2,000 feminists meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico under a number of confusing banners. Their agenda, which included Goddess worship, an Indian pipe ceremony, a Quaker meeting and a “feminist eucharist,” somehow managed to exclude anything even... [Read more...]

Catholic Values in a Turbulent World

Irene lmpellizzeri, Ph.D. The title of this brief address reminds me of an old schoolteacher joke, about a little girl who announced that the title of her composition would be “The Universe”; and when it was suggested to her that perhaps she should define her subject a bit more precisely, she changed it to “The Universe and Other Things.” I... [Read more...]

Women of Spirit Women of Action

May is the month in which the Church traditionally honors the Blessed Mother, mothers in particular and women in general. It is also the month in which we usually celebrate Pentecost, the Feast of the Spirit. With this in mind we have set aside these next few pages to pay tribute to some outstanding women of action and spirit whose profiles are presented... [Read more...]

League critical of Massachusetts Governor’s “Gay youth” commission

Massachusetts Chapter Executive C.J. Doyle has issued a strong statement criticizing the report of Governor William Weld’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, urging the governor to reject the Commission’s proposals. The commission was created by Governor Weld to overcome legislative opposition to pro-homosexual curricula in public schools.... [Read more...]

Rocky start

The Colorado Rockies, the new Denver-based expansion baseball team is off to a bad start-at least in Catholic circles. They managed to anger Colorado’s Catholic bishops by thoughtlessly scheduling their home opener on Good Friday. The bishops took them to task publicly for their actions and asked their fellow Catholics to think twice about embracing... [Read more...]

Bad sports…

Kentucky High School Athletic Association members are being asked to vote on a proposal that would ban Catholic and other private schools from post-season competition. Several of the state’s Catholic high schools have made consistently strong showings in post-season play in recent years, and this is clearly the motivation behind the move. The... [Read more...]

Remember you are dust…

A New York District Court judge asked Nassau County Assistant District Attorney David McAndrews to remove Ash Wednesday ashes from his forehead during a trial on that day. Court employees were reportedly surprised by the judge’s action, but Judge Geoffrey O’Connell, himself a Catholic, defended his action which was taken after the defense... [Read more...]

Fundamentalists and Catholics team up in school election effort

More that 200 Catholic parishes in the New York Archdiocese will be offered copies of a voter guide to the 32-nine member community school board elections in the city. While distribution will be up to each pastor, the effort has the approval of Cardinal O’Connor, and represents an important breakthrough in cooperation between Catholics and Pat... [Read more...]

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