Catalyst April Issue 2001

The Forward is a well-written Jewish weekly published in New York. In the February 16 edition, there was a piece about faith-based programs that quoted Rabbi Sherwin Wine. Rabbi Wine was critical of the Bush administration’s effort to fund faith-based social service programs. This was fine but in doing so he took the occasion to criticize President... [Read more...]


Catalyst April Issue 2001

There’s a feminist website by the name that ran an ad in Redbook that we found objectionable. In the March edition, they posted an ad that mentioned how 41 women out of 100 believe a woman will be president within 10 years, etc. The listing we protested was the comment that for every hundred women, “.5 carry an insurance policy against... [Read more...]


Catalyst April Issue 2001

The number of serious Catholics who made it in Hollywood is not a huge figure, which is why reading about the life of Loretta Young is so refreshing. She found in Catholicism a resource that proved to be invaluable, and now it is nicely captured in an authorized biography by Joan Wester Anderson, Forever Young. The life of this beauty radiates on every... [Read more...]

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