Charity Ball for Life

On February 5, Catholic League President William A. Donohue and his wife attended the Charity Ball for Life sponsored by the New York Catholic Forum, and held at the Women’s National Republican Club. Rev. Richard John Neuhaus was the principal celebrant and hornilist at a Mass for Life at St. Patrick’s Cathedral preceding the event.  Read More →

Anti-Catholicism… Subtly

A poster which hung in my fifth-grade English classroom depicted a comically dressed Charlie Brown. He appeared to be perplexed and somewhat deep in thought as he said “Maturity is the ability to laugh at yourself.” There is a danger in becoming too sensitive, so thin-skinned that we can’t even enjoy a light-hearted look at our faith.... [Read more...]

Former Brooklyn-Queens chapter president dies

Loretta Mary McDermot Winters, 78, an active and lifelong parishioner of St. Francis de Sales, Belle Harbor, New York, and onetime president of the Brooklyn-Queens Chapter of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, died at Calvary Hospital, January 9, 1994. She was also active in the right to life and Christian family movements. She is survived... [Read more...]

Appeals Court overturns pro-life priest’s conviction

The Massachusetts Court of Appeals has overturned the conviction of Rev. Thomas Carleton on the basis of improper jury selection. The court found that the Massachusetts Attorney-General’s office, which prosecuted the case, had excluded jurors with Irish or Italian surnames because they might have been Catholic. Father Carleton, a member of Operation... [Read more...]

League condemns Boston mayor’s public school condom distribution plan

The Catholic League has condemned the recommendation by the administration of Boston Mayor Thomas Menino to distribute condoms in public schools, calling it “deplorable public policy” and “an assault on the moral values and religious sensibilities of taxpayers.” Catholic League Operations Director C.J. Doyle stated: “For... [Read more...]

Pennsylvania … Casey’s ‘parish’?

Bernie Shire of the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference recently told Catalyst about a rather interesting exchange he had in the pages of the Philadelphia Inquirer. The saga began with a snippy column by Melissa Dribben (“Wasting Time on Abortion,” 1/20/94) bemoaning the fact that Pennsylvania Governor William Casey was about to implement the... [Read more...]

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