Vermont printers win three-year fight

Three years ago, the Catholic League stepped in to help Chuck and Susan Baker, owners of Regal Art Press in Vermont, when the ACLU brought suit against them on behalf of “Catholics for Free Choice.” The Bakers’ “crime” was their refusal to print pro-abortion materials for the abortion industry front organization. The Bakers... [Read more...]

Free speech rights defended in Florida clinic protest case

The Catholic League has joined a coalition of religious and civil rights organizations filing a friend of the court brief defending the free speech rights of pro-life demonstrators. The League’s brief challenges the constitutionality of a state court injunction which restricts the speech and expressive activities of abortion pro-testers. Several... [Read more...]

League testifies in opposition to N.Y. clinic protest law

The Catholic League offered testimony in hearings before the Committee on Public Safety of the City of New York questioning the appropriateness of a proposed new law aimed specifically at curtailing demonstrations at abortion clinics. The statement by Catholic League president William A. Donohue follows: “Whenever legislation is being considered,... [Read more...]


The heat on the abortion issue has now reached a fever pitch. Emboldened by the Clinton administration’s strong support for abortion rights, the so-called pro-choice enthusiasts are seeking to crush the pro-life movement by tampering with the First Amendment. Under the guise of protecting the right of women to obtain an abortion, pro-abortionists... [Read more...]

The Clinton Health Plan Covers Abortion-on-Demand

By Rep. Henry Hyde Henry Hyde has represented the Sixth Congressional District of Illinois since 1975. He is acknowledged to be the most eloquent and effective defender of unborn children in the Congress of┬áthe United States. In 1983, the Catholic League bestowed on him its highest honor, The John Paul II Religious Freedom Award.This article first... [Read more...]


Every now and then an event occurs that makes me feel very proud to be a Catholic. One such event recently happened while I was waiting to testify before the New York City Council on a bill that protects houses of worship. As readers of Catalyst already know, Catholic churches have come under increasing attack by gay militants, and most especially by... [Read more...]


By William A. Donohue When news reports surfaced last November voicing the charges of Steven Cook against Cardinal Bernardin, we were more than skeptical. Here was a former mental patient and admitted addict of alcohol, sex and drugs, making serious charges of sexual misconduct against a well-respected Cardinal. Worse, Cook, who is dying of AIDS, stated... [Read more...]

League protests gag rule

For four years, crowds have assembled on the first Sunday of each month at the Marlboro, New Jersey home of Joseph Januszkiewicz to witness an apparition of the Virgin Mary. Though the Diocese of Trenton has not found reason to sustain Mr. Januszkiewicz’s claim, others, like Karen and Vincent Bove, are convinced that the apparitions are real.... [Read more...]

Catholic League charges NY Assistant Atty General with abuse of office

The Catholic League has charged the Assistant Attorney General for the State of New York with abusing his office by organizing and participating in a Gay and Lesbian law forum. In an open letter to state Attorney General Oliver Koppel, Catholic League president William A. Donohue spelled out the League’s complaint: Dear Attorney General Koppel: I... [Read more...]

Population Control Money frozen by court

A lawsuit brought on behalf of a U.S . Congressman and two citizens of the People’s Republic of China has led to a hold order on $40 million dollars pledged by the Clinton Administration to the U.N. Population Fund. The lawsuit cited China’s coercive abortion and sterilization policies.  Read More →

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