b8bf1469b2907cb511cb631dcdb5bd19 SENATE MUST ACT ON MILITARY PRIESTS

Bill Donohue comments on the absence of priests on military installations: There are not enough priests in the military to service all Catholics, which is why the government contracts with members of the clergy to celebrate Mass, baptize children, and the like. But last weekend, many Catholic men and women in the armed forces were denied their constitutional... [Read more...]

Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 1.59.25 PM GAY GROUP LIKES “CATHOLIC” BURGER

Bill Donohue comments on the reaction of a gay group, the New Civil Rights Movement, to a Chicago eatery that is featuring a hamburger topped with a Communion wafer: Five years ago we protested the desecration of a Communion Host by P.Z. Myers, an anti-Catholic atheist professor. Yesterday, I decided not to protest the antics of Kuma’s Corner,... [Read more...]


Bill Donohue comments on a Quinnipiac poll released today: There are more than 78 million Catholics in the U.S. and Quinnipiac interviewed 392 of them. The actual number of Catholics who go to Mass on a weekly basis that they interviewed was 153. Most polls ask self-identified Catholics if they “attend church weekly”; “attend church... [Read more...]

Steve Buscemi Endorses Bill de Blasio For Public Advocate WHO IS NYC MAYORAL HOPEFUL BILL de BLASIO?

Bill Donohue has written a piece for Newsmax on New York City mayoral candidate, Bill de Blasio. In it he examines the candidate’s radical past and why Catholics should be especially wary of him. To read it, click here.  Read More →

120817_kathleen_sebelius_mahaskey_605 PETITION TO PULL HHS MANDATE SENT

Six weeks ago, the Catholic League asked its online audience to sign the following petition: I am requesting that the Obama administration withdraw the Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate. Considering the amount of time and money that has been spent trying to fix the problems that are inherent in this legislation—without a satisfactory resolution—it... [Read more...]

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