Bill Donohue comments on the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ announcement of the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards nominations: Few TV programs in recent years have been as thoroughly anti-Catholic as FX Channel’s “American Horror Story: Asylum.” This show, which leads the pack with 17 Emmy nominations, depicted a Catholic home for the criminally... [Read more...]


The Catholic League’s booklet by Bill Donohue, Myths of the Magdalene Laundries, is now available for free online [click here]. Based on the McAleese Report, the Irish government study that was released in February, the booklet examines the origins of the many myths that have surfaced about these Catholic-run facilities in Ireland.  Read More →

6CF4E8DC-united_nations_flag_grunge_by_think0-d350lkk U.N. ATTACKS VATICAN

Bill Donohue comments on a report issued by the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child: Last month, both Israel and B’nai B’rith International blasted a totally politicized report by the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child that condemned Israel for its treatment of Palestinians. Now the disgraced Committee has attacked the Holy... [Read more...]

pope-installation-new POPE CRACKS DOWN ON SEX ABUSE

Bill Donohue comments on Pope Francis’ crackdown on sex abuse: As Pope Francis proved today, he has no stomach for child exploitation, or for any type of sexual abuse. His decision to revise the norms affecting these crimes, complete with more stringent penalties, is a welcome tonic. However, he does not need to be congratulated for this initiative—he... [Read more...]

Screen shot 2013-07-10 SMEARING EVANGELICALS

Bill Donohue supports the effort led by Family Research Council (FRC) president Tony Perkins to secure religious liberty for members of the armed forces: Yesterday, Tony Perkins and a coalition of allies urged support for Rep. John Fleming’s military religious freedom amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act. The Catholic League joins with... [Read more...]

Praying_in_Rome_cover-255x385 NEW E-BOOK BY CARDINAL DOLAN

We are proud to promote Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan’s new e-book, “Praying in Rome: Reflections on the Conclave and Electing Pope Francis,” published by Image. For further information please click here.  Read More →

news-los-angeles-times-logo L.A. TIMES GETS IT WRONG

Bill Donohue comments on an editorial in today’s Los Angeles Times: The Los Angeles Times says the bishops have nothing to fear about the effects of same-sex marriage, and are needlessly raising red flags over the Health and Human Services mandate. It is twice wrong. The editorial tells Catholics to take comfort in the fact that “the Roman Catholic... [Read more...]

Abortion Restrictions Texas “HAIL SATAN!” PRO-ABORTION FANS

Bill Donohue comments on pro-abortion supporters in Texas: While pro-life protesters were singing “Amazing Grace” yesterday in Austin, pro-abortion fans were screaming “Hail Satan!” (A video of this scene is available on TheBlaze.) It would be unfair to say that all pro-abortion supporters would support this obscenity, and indeed most would... [Read more...]

milwaukee-journal-sentinel JOURNAL SENTINEL SHOWS ITS BIAS

Bill Donohue comments on the reaction by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to the public disclosure of Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s deposition regarding his tenure as the Milwaukee Archbishop: Many of the bishops in the Catholic Church have made public the names of suspected sexual offenders. By contrast, there is not a single institution, secular or religious,... [Read more...]


Bill Donohue comments on the deposition by Cardinal Timothy Dolan that was released today regarding his tenure as Archbishop of Milwaukee; the deposition was taken in February: Under questioning by Jeffrey Anderson, an activist lawyer, Cardinal Dolan gravely disappointed the enemies of the Catholic Church: they were denied their “gotcha” moment.... [Read more...]

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