Catholic Baiting Pundits Score Buchanan

The rise in popularity of presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan has triggered a trail of Catholic baiting remarks from some of the nation’s leading political pundits.  The following comments all appeared in the latter part of February. *** On ABC’s Nightline, there is a thinly veiled attempt to establish a cause and effect relationship between... [Read more...]

Grammy Nominee Joan Osborne “Relishes” Controversy

In her album Relish, Grammy nominee Joan Osborne has released two songs, both of which use Catholic themes in a manner that is disturbing.  Newsweek describes Osborne’s work as “an enticing marriage of the sexual and the spiritual,” while Entertainment Weekly praises her song One of Us for being “spiritual and sacrilegious–a songwriting... [Read more...]


Chicago’s Woman Made Gallery and New York’s Slowinski Gallery have recently displayed art work that defames Roman Catholicism.  The Chicago exhibit, which began January 25 and ends February 23, features many displays and is titled “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary.”  The New York exhibit, which began February 14 and ends March 2, is showing... [Read more...]

PBS’ FRONTLINE Exploits Catholicism in Abortion Program

On Tuesday, February 6, PBS will air a program called, Murder on “Abortion Row.” The two hour special purports to be a serious look at the life of John Salvi, the person who wounded five and killed two women working at a Brookline, Massachusetts abortion clinic on December 30, 1994. Catholic League president William Donohue was given an opportunity... [Read more...]

Playboy Exploits Catholic Schoolgirls

On the cover of the March Playboy is a picture of a young woman dressed as a Catholic schoolgirl.  The woman appears undressed in the magazine in a section titled “The Stripper Next Door.” Catholic League president William Donohue commented on this today: “The cover of the March Playboy represents the crass sexual exploitation of Catholic schoolgirls. ... [Read more...]