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Frequently Asked Questions about Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust

by Robert P. Lockwood (4/2000) The general charge against Pope Pius XII is that he maintained a “continued attitude of silence” in the face of Nazism and the horror of the Holocaust. Was the Pope silent? Pope Pius XII was not silent in the face of Nazism, either before he was elected pope in 1939 or during the war years. As Golda Meir, future Israeli... [Read more...]

A Response to: The Vatican and the Holocaust, A Preliminary Report by the International Catholic-Jewish Commission

By Ronald Rychlak, Ph.D. (Our Sunday Visitor, 2000) In October 2000, the International Catholic-Jewish Historical Commission released to great publicity a “preliminary report” of its investigation into the actions of Pope Pius XII and the role of the Vatican in responding to the horror of the Nazi Holocaust during World War II. The committee‘s... [Read more...]

Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust

By Robert P. Lockwood (March 2000) Pope John Paul II recently issued a half-hearted apology for Catholics’ failure to oppose the torture and killing of six million Jews during the horrible Holocaust, but at the same time he tried to excuse Pius XII, the pope at the time, for his silence and collaboration.” – Dr. Al Snyder writing... [Read more...]

The Truth about Pope Pius XII

By Sr. Margherita Marchione, Ph.D. Pope Pius XII was not a German collaborator nor was he pro-Nazi. Neither was he inactive nor silent. As a member of the Catholic Church, I resent the blatant accusations against the diplomacy of the Pope and the Church during World War II. This is not only indecent journalism but it also an injustice toward a man... [Read more...]

Galileo and the Catholic Church

by Robert P. Lockwood (3/2000) In October, 1992 Cardinal Paul Poupard presented to Pope John Paul II the results of the papal-requested Pontifical Academy study of the famous 1633 trial of Galileo.1 He reported the study’s conclusion that at the time of the trial, “theologians…. failed to grasp the profound non-literal meaning of the Scriptures... [Read more...]

January 27th, 2000 | Latest News Releases

Today the full House was scheduled to vote on the selection of the new House Chaplain. But House Speaker Dennis Hastert has postponed the vote until next month. Catholic League president William Donohue voiced his concerns over this decision today: “Since Christmas we have known that the full House was scheduled to vote on the House Chaplain on... [Read more...]

January 26th, 2000 | Catalyst Online, Features

In mid-December, within the space of three days, three network television shows featured lines that were offensive to Catholics. In the December 13 episode of the CBS sitcom, “Becker,” there was a segment about a Christmas pageant that revolved around Joseph and Mary. Dr. Becker, played by Ted Danson, at one point told the man dressed as... [Read more...]

The Arts

January Chicago, IL – “The Madonna In Spite of Herself,” billed as a spoof on the Nativity, continued its Christmas season run at the Sweet Corn Playhouse. According to a review in the Chicago Tribune, the play depicted Mary as “a big-haired, gum-chomping resident of Berwyn, Joseph (a.k.a. Joey)” as “a genial sexual... [Read more...]

Business / Workplace

1999 Off The Wall, a greeting card subsidiary of West Graphics, featured a Christmas card with a parody of the Nativity scene transposed onto a modern-day talk show. Joseph is seated next to Mary, who is holding the baby Jesus, as an audience member says to Joseph: “You never slept with her, she gets pregnant and you blame it on God. Joseph,... [Read more...]


January 28 – February 20 New Haven, CT – The program for the Yale Repertory Theatre’s presentation of Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure” was filled with Scriptural references and Catholic imagery, juxtaposed with lewd images and what appeared to be commentary about the impeachment of President Clinton. February New York, NY –... [Read more...]