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Activists Organizations

March 10 Pro-abortion groups from around the country celebrated a “National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers.” The event was organized by a group called “Refuse and Resist!” On the group’s website, it described a “Christian fascist, fundamentalist morality” that has taken over the country. Joining... [Read more...]

Business / Workplace

February Brooklyn, NY — The Morning Star Christian Books and Gift Store in Brooklyn featured publications by the notoriously anti-Catholic publisher Jack Chick. The store had a large display right near the front door that featured booklets such as Are Roman Catholics Christians, Double Cross and The Godfathers. Each was a direct attack on the Catholic... [Read more...]


January Sarasota, FL — The Sarasota County Superintendent of Schools David Bennett was profiled in Sarasota magazine. In the profile, Mr. Bennett was quoted as saying his interest in civil rights started when, as a child in Chicago in the 1950s and 1960s, he heard that the Catholic Church was buying up homes in certain areas so that blacks couldn’t... [Read more...]


February Shirley, MA — Inmates in a state prison had their rosary beads confiscated in what prison officials claim was a crackdown on gang-related violence. A court determined the corrections department could “curtail inmates rights in order to achieve legitimate correctional goals.” Prisoners who say their right to worship is in jeopardy... [Read more...]


Movies January The movie “Boondock Saints” portrayed two Irish Catholic twins who decide to go on a killing spree after hearing a sermon at Mass. The sermon is about the results of good men doing nothing to stop evil. The film contains extensive use of Catholic imagery including oversized crucifixes worn by the main characters during their... [Read more...]


January Brooklyn, NY — A new wooden welcome sign at St. John Cantius Church was ripped off the building and smashed into pieces. January 4 San Jose, CA — Vandals struck a synagogue, defacing the house of worship with a swastika and anti-Semitic graffiti. Only then was it reported that a statue in the town of Carmel was defaced with anti-Catholic... [Read more...]


William A. Donohue What happened in the presidential election is a mirror of our culture: politically and morally we are a divided people. This isn’t good for anyone and it high time we started the mending process. One way to start is to examine the sociological principles that undergird Catholicism and then see what they have to offer the country... [Read more...]

The Catholic Church and the Holocaust 1935-1960

by Robert P. Lockwood Pope Pius XII (1939-1958), as Secretary of State to Pius XI and as pope, faced Nazi Germany with a remarkable consistency. The Nazis considered him an implacable foe,(1) and he was hailed both during and after World War II as the strongest voice – often the only voice – speaking out in Europe against the Nazi terror.(2) The... [Read more...]

December 19th, 2000 | Latest News Releases

Bus drivers in Vancouver, Washington have been warned that they are forbidden from wearing hats, vests or neckties that depict religious themes during the Christmas season.  Their employer, C-TRAN, issued the following criteria for such apparel:  “They are appropriate for work in a public agency.  They do not contain offensive or controversial... [Read more...]

November 26th, 2000 | Catalyst Online, Features

The Catholic League has written to the executive directors of the National League of Cities urging them to inform mayors and other municipal offices about the permissibility of erecting créches on public property during the Christmas season.  All fifty states were contacted. “Every December,” we said, “the Catholic League erects a créche in... [Read more...]