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Catholic League president William Donohue released the following comments regarding the press release of the Archdiocese of New York stating that Msgr. John Woolsey has been asked to step down as pastor of St. John the Martyr:

“The statement from the Archdiocese of New York claiming that Msgr. Woolsey has been asked to step down as pastor of St. John the Martyr is false.  He found out when I spoke to him.  And I found out when WCBS TV reporter John Slattery called and left a message about what had happened.  The Archdiocese’s press release arrived in our office at about the same time.

“Everyone needs to keep one thing in mind: allegations of administrative improprieties, and charges of illegally shaking down an old lady for greed, are two different things.  The Archdiocese has not accused Msgr. Woolsey of the latter, and has said only of the former that there is evidence of ‘apparent improper administration of the parish.’  (My emphasis.)

“The Catholic League will stand by Msgr. Woolsey to the end.  He is a man of integrity, despite what anyone else alleges.”

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