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Catholic-News-Agency-01 Catholic News Agency

September 11, 2015

“Inside a dubious LGBT media guide to Pope Francis’ visit” The media guide encouraged journalists to scrutinize several leading Catholics and other commentators, claiming they were “anti-LGBT activists” who present inaccuracies and make extreme statements. These include Princeton Law School professor Robert P. George, author and... [Read more...]

577629_10150827686683598_1070353287_n LifeNews

September 7, 2015

“Pro-Abortion Congresswoman Tries to Tell Pope What to Say When He Speaks to Congress” Bill Donohue from the Catholic League said the following about Rep. DeLauro’s letter: “Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), a rabidly pro-abortion Catholic, has sent a letter to Pope Francis — signed by 93 of her House Democratic colleagues — urging him to... [Read more...]


August 24, 2015

“Pope Francis draws criticism from some conservative Catholics over stances on economy, environment, social issues” William Donohue of the Manhattan-based Catholic League, a vocal conservative, praised the pope for imposing change on the Vatican’s bureaucracy, though he said Francis sometimes sows confusion with off-the-cuff remarks... [Read more...]

Catholic Philly

August 21, 2015

“Writer heralds Catholic advantages to self and society” The president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights is a promoter of Christian living in general and the Catholic faith in particular; he defends both when they are attacked by government, media, organizations, academia and individuals. “The Catholic Advantage”... [Read more...]

Angelus Tidings

August 21, 2015

“Catholic leader slams Serra smear campaign” Donohue is author of the new Q&A-style booklet “The Noble Legacy of Father Serra.” The booklet is the culmination of Donohue’s exhaustive research into the chief accusations against the soon-to-be saint. The Catholic League has distributed the booklets to all California lawmakers and... [Read more...]


August 3, 2015

“Foundations pouring millions into campaign to eradicate religious exemptions on gay ‘marriage’”  “Attacking religious exemptions is the next big wave,” Bill Donohue, head of the Catholic League, told LifeSiteNews. “Gay rights are only the pretext. These groups won’t be satisfied till every trace of religion is erased from public... [Read more...]

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