Catalyst July/August Issue 2005

Act Up, a radical gay group, stormed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on June 5. One of the homosexuals, who was dressed as a priest, proceeded to perform a mock marriage of a gay couple while others screamed, “Pope Benedict XVI, homophobe, AIDS accomplice.” Their stunt was also marked by violence: Monsignor Patrick Jacquin was pushed to the ground, trampled and kicked in the neck. The terrorists said they were marking the first anniversary of France’s first gay wedding; the courts subsequently nullified the union.

This is not the first time these gay activists have engaged in Nazi-like tactics. In December 1989, Act Up members invaded St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, breaking up a Mass and spitting the Communion wafer on the floor.

On its website, Act Up urges homosexuals to partake in “direct action.” This includes, obviously, acting like Brownshirts.

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Written by Bill